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Gentlemen's Club Financing

Gentlemens club financing is a challenging prospect because most traditional financial institutions are embarrassed to have such properties in their portfolio and these properties generally do not qualify for SBA or other Government-backed or community financing programs. The current Covid-19 cautionary environment further increases the difficulty in obtaining gentlemans club financing. We are one of the few sources in todays financial environment that understands the adult entertainment industry and has the ability to finance the construction, purchase, or refinance of gentlemens club properties.

We have been in the commercial real estate finance business since 1977. We can finance gentlemens clubs, cabarets, strip clubs, and other similar type properties with loan amounts varying from $700,000.00 to $50,000,000.00. Gentlemen's Club loans are our specialty.

Please call 1-800-595-1474 to discuss your project with an experienced loan professional. If your gentlemens club development or existing property’s financing needs have already been turned down by banks or other traditional institutions we may be able to help. APPLY NOW